STATE OF SOUTH CAROLINA - COUNTY OF CHARLESTON - IN THE FAMILY COURT - NINTH JUDICIAL CIRCUIT - CASE NO.: 2019-DR-10-1238 - - WILLIAM WILEY and ANNETTE WILEY, - Plaintiffs, - v. - REBECCA SELLARS and CHARLES SHOCKLEY, JR., - Defendants, - In Re: Baby Girl S (1-21-18) - - Summons - - TO THE DEFENDANTS REBECCA SELLARS AND CHARLES SHOCKLEY, JR: - YOU ARE HEREBY SUMMONED AND REQUIRED TO ANSWER the Complaint in this action, a copy of which will be delivered to you upon request from the Clerk Of Court Charleston County, you must serve a copy of your answer to the Compliant on the Clerk Of Court For Charleston County and upon the Plaintiffs' Attorney at The Duffy Law Firm, LLC, P.O. BOX 71346, North Charleston, South Carolina 29415, within thirty (30) days of the publication. If you fail to answer within the time set above, the Plaintiffs' will proceed to seek relief from the court.
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PostedAugust 28, 2019